3 ways working with coaches has changed my life

I was introduced to a community of women who were coaches when I moved to LA. At first, I found this job to be very triggering for me, almost looking down on the profession. It was so “LA” to me, very woo-woo and foreign. I questioned how someone could be qualified to teach on a topic when the oldest one I knew was only in her mid-30’s. But, I felt pulled to them, drawn in to what they were doing. They were inviting and had deep, interesting conversations. They held each other up and supported, no, they celebrated everyone’s accomplishments. Most importantly, they said the hard things that others weren’t willing to say that pushed you to, but not over, your edge so you could expand into the next best version of yourself. 

I started my work with two amazing coaches, Aimee Batuski and Ellie Shepley Montgomerie, who both helped me break down the walls I had up towards other women that were holding me back in my career and personal life. I was becoming a more patient and fearless leader, going after what I truly desired in life. Through Aimee and Ellie, I was then introduced to my now incredible business coach, Louiza Megan. I have seen immediate results working with her in terms of setting clear goals and actually starting the business I said I wanted to start for the last several years. 

Working with these women has changed my life in so many ways there’s not enough time in the world to describe them all, so here are my top three: 

1: They challenge me to grow

Coaches will be the first to lovingly call you on your BS. They want you to be the absolutely best version of yourself, breaking through these old stories you tell yourself that don’t work anymore. A coach will challenge you to go to your edge and encourage you to see things differently than you ever have before. Just as Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If you want different results, a coach can be your guiding light.

I am 100% a stronger, better person than I am now having worked with these incredible coaches. I am making more money, taking more time off and finding moments of pleasure in a seemingly mundane day to day life. 

2. They hold me accountable

How many times have you said you were going to do something and then didn’t OR did the exact opposite? You know how it’s easier to go to the gym in the morning if you know your friend is meeting you there? It’s because human beings are social creatures, we want to please others and hate letting people down. Coaches are there to help hold you accountable. Having a coach allows you to set goals and then have a cheerleader alongside you while you crush them. Could you do it all alone? Probably. But, it’s likely to be 10x harder and not nearly as much fun. Having a support system doesn’t make you weaker, it makes you stronger and more successful. 

By having supportive coaches, I switched jobs, started my own business, and learned an entirely new job role because I was held accountable to my goals.

3. They taught me to want more

Many of us grow up feeling small, trying to never want for ourselves and always being in service of others. Living in a scarcity mindset, feeling like there isn’t enough for you and I, so I better let you have it or destroy you so I can. My coaches have taught me that having more does not take away from other people’s ability to have more. It actually makes it possible that we all can have what we desire. 

I know that I can have a successful career and be a fierce, amazing leader and still watch others succeed! Shifting to an abundance mindset has absolutely changed my perspective of this world. 

I am forever a better person for having coaches in my life that have supported me in my life goals. 

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