The Importance of Core Values

Everyone has core values that drive the decisions they make in their day to day lives, whether they realize it or not. They drive how we prioritize things, what we feel is important to us and how we interact with others. 

Over the years, I’ve taken many leadership development courses that have touched on this topic and without a doubt, these three remain my top core values- especially when it comes to leadership: 

  1. Accountability

Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” 

To me, being accountable means that you are willing to take ownership of your work and take responsibility for it being a success or failure. It is NOT pointing the finger or placing blame on someone when things don’t go as planned. I always want my team to feel that we can hold each other accountable in a respectful and professional way that allows us to achieve our goals together. 

  1. Meaningful Work

Growing up, my mom always commended my incessant need to “fix things,” whether it was trying to help someone through a challenge or working with charities to support the less fortunate. To me, it has always been about doing meaningful work that has a real impact on changing people’s lives for the better. I wholeheartedly believe we can create a better world, where people are treated fairly and everyone has basic human rights.

As a leader, I want to be part of a team that is doing meaningful work. No, not every day will be innovative, life-altering tasks, but the overarching work we are doing for the people we serve is going to make a positive impact. 

  1. Continuous Improvement 

You are never done growing. I am constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge, learn a new skill, or hear a new perspective. I want to be surrounded by people who want to constantly improve what we have now and make it better. A team of individuals who can celebrate where we are, while simultaneously striving for more. 

What are your core values? What drives you to do what you do every day? I suggest taking time this week to journal on what your three most important core values are and how those impact your career.

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