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I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in 2008, in the height of an economic crash. The job market was nonexistent and I had no idea what to do next. I felt so frustrated, "I graduated college, now what?" I felt like no one prepared me for the transition from college to career.

Now, I am the Vice President of Customer Success & Operations for a rising healthcare company, leading strategic initiatives across the organization. I took charge of my career and carved the path to what I wanted, and you can do the same.

Kristin Haluch is a healthcare executive and career coach with over 15-years experience in leadership across both large organizations and startups. 

Hi, I'm kristin

Communicate with clarity and confidence, leading to higher productivity and trust within your team.

Know how to set goals, strategy and build business cases to take your team and department to the next level.

Leverage each teams strengths to bring out the best in each teammate, leading to higher performance and job satisfaction. 

to confident and respected

Struggling with how to communicate with your team in a way that motivates them?

Need help leveling up how to think strategically and impact the big picture while managing the day to day?

Don't know how to mentor your team and help develop them professionally?

go from overwhelmed and frustrated

Are you ready to lead with confidence and make lasting impact across your team and organization?

Follow this guide to map out your one, three and five year career goals 

starting to think about the future?

Tracey Chastine

"Kristin displayed from our very first day working together that she believed in me and my ability to reach my goals and beyond. With her authenticity, she built me back up through the power of education and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. I now have the confidence, knowledge, and internal fire to reach my goals and beyond within the next chapter of my life."

Andrew Paull

"Kristin is the professional confidant you always dreamed of as a coach; she drives results, forces you to look inward, and helps identify opportunities for growth. Kristin's experience at large corporation's and start-up's allows her to empathize with diverse work cultures and help you best navigate your personal work environment. Above all else, Kristin is passionate about helping people, providing immediate value, and having fun along the way."

Sabrina Moscola

"Coaching with Kristin helped shift my perspective to view things and take action in new ways. Her guidance and advice are confidence-building, particularly for women. Kristin is supportive and encouraging, but knows when to push people out of their comfort zones to make positive change. Highly recommend!"

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