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After 10+ years in leadership, I have made mistakes, had struggles, and learned so many lessons along the way. 

I believe that you have it within you to be an incredible leader. 

Think of me as your leadership guide. I will provide you the framework, skills, and support you need to become an empowered leader. 

I am passionate about helping leaders feel empowered in their positions so they can make lasting impact on their team and organization.

I have worked in operations, product development, sales, marketing, customer success, and public relations. This experience allows me to offer well rounded coaching support to my clients. 

I have been employee number one of several departments, some growing to over 20 employees. Leading through change and fast growth is one of my favorite things to do!

My career experience spans across multiple organizational areas, leading both large and small teams.

Mindy Farr

"Getting honest with yourself and taking specific action if you want to level up in your career takes intentional work. It doesn’t happen by accident or without tactical effort. That is precisely where Kristin was a game changer for me."

Jordan Turner

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Laying by the pool with a good book

a hobby that i love

Bullet journaling and calligraphy 

my go-to vacation getaway

Greece! Sunsets and warm seas... yes please!

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words to live by

"When I get to the end of my life, and I ask one final question 'What have I done?' Let my answer be: 'I have done love.'"
~ Jennifer Pastiloff 


My Experience & Credentials 

Personal development and knowledge is incredibly important to me. I have completed several workshops, courses, and trainings to expand my toolkit, including: 

+ Masters in Health Administration 
+ Digital Marketing Certification 
+ Certified Organizational Development Coach
+ 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Specialty in Trauma Informed Yoga)
+ Landmark Forum Graduate 
+ Path of Love Graduate 

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