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Whether it's strategic planning, leading a meeting, working through conflict with a teammate, or speaking up for yourself-communication is vital to your career success. 

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If you don't believe in yourself, you can't expect your team to. Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome is a key part of any clients coaching journey with me.

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Through coaching, we will work together to identify a framework for how to take actions towards your goals. There's no guess work in how to apply my coaching to get the results you want. 

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My process is simple

Private coaching is always a great option if you need extra or different support than virtual courses. I currently offer two private coaching packages with limited space available:

Quick Hits Package: (4) 75-Minute Coaching Sessions to cover a specific area in your career you need coaching on, like asking for a raise or promotion, negotiating a new job offer, interview prep.

Deep Dive Coaching: A three month commitment where we work together over (10) 60-Minute sessions to focus on long-term career strategy and planning.

If you're interested in either package, schedule a 15-minute connection call with me, so I can learn what your goals are.

Private Coaching

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Are you part of an organization looking for a group leadership coaching program or organizational development coaching?

I work with organizations to provide:

+ Group leadership training and coaching
+ One-time leadership training workshops
+ Speaking engagements 

We can work together to identify the needs of your organization and determine which is the approach to support your employees.

organizational development coaching

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Want to learn at your own pace through online courses, but still want live coaching support? I have have designed that experience just for you! My guides cover the most requested topics from my clients and are amazing because:

+ They have been translated into multiple languages
+ Includes private messaging with me for 1:1 support
+ Come with templates, exercises, and worksheets to put the lessons into practice immediately
+ You get access to the content for life! So you can go back to it again and again


i am looking for

On this 15-minute call, we will identify the areas you need support in, discuss the coaching process, and answer any questions you have - all without any pressure to commit.

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Landon Pohl

" I found incredible value in the time Kristin spent coaching me. She was kind, but direct, and made sure we used our time efficiently. Most importantly, I feel like Kristin cares about me and my future."

Avery Ann

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