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Whether it's interviewing skills, networking, leading a meeting, working through conflict with a co-worker, or speaking up for yourself-communication is vital to your career success. 

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If you don't believe in yourself, you can't expect a future employer to. Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome is a key part of any clients coaching journey with me.

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Through coaching, we will work together to identify a framework for how to take actions towards your goals. There's no guess work in how to apply my coaching to get the results you want. 

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working with me you can expect to...

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Are you a rising or recent college grad looking who needs help transitioning from college to career? In this 8-part course, we will cover:

+ How to build your professional brand and story
+ Creating an online professional presence 
+ Gaining experience that will make your resume shine
+ Navigating what job roles and industries to apply to
+ Networking: Why it's so important and how to do it well
+ Standing out on job applications 
+ How to nail a job interview
+ How to negotiate a job offer 

rising or recent
college grad

i am a

So you landed your first job? Congrats!! Now, it's time to learn how to navigate the corporate waters and transition into a professional. In this 8-part course, we will cover:

+ A successful first 90-days 
+ Tracking your progress towards hitting your goals
+ Navigating your first performance review 
+ How to build a strong foundation with your boss
+ Communicating like a professional
+ Internal networking with coworkers and leadership
+ Cross-training to add value to yourself as an employee
+ Asking for your first raise or promotion 

newly employed professional 

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Are you working towards your first leadership role but feeling stuck on how to get there? In this 8-part course, we will cover:

+ How to land the promotion 
+ Your first 90 days as a leader
+ Communicating as a leader
+ People Management 101 
+ Think strategically while executing tactically
+ Gain and exhibit executive presence
+ How to prioritize, delegate, and set boundaries 
+ Coach employees on their own growth plans

first time leader 

i am a

On this 20-minute call, we will identify the areas you need support in, discuss the coaching process, and answer any questions you have - all without any pressure to commit.

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Landon Pohl

" I found incredible value in the time Kristin spent coaching me. She was kind, but direct, and made sure we used our time efficiently. Most importantly, I feel like Kristin cares about me and my future."

Avery Ann

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